Cats and dogs

I went to sleep begin February and just woke up... So please don't ask me what I did the last 2 weeks. Well, I can start thinking about it, but it will be a painful experience. What? huh? You want me to do so? Gosh, ok then... just for you. Closing eye 1 and activating brain cell number 1... hmmm. Closing eye 2, brain cell 2 activated. One sec... I am thinking. Oh God, it really hurts!!!

I must try harder? You want me dead? What I see: lots of small animals. Animals with 4 legs. I guess you call them cats. I told you already about the cats, no? Well, I really don't know if they are cats... cause the first one - we call him Frodo - looks like a miniature cow. He follows us everywhere like a dog. And last but not least: he enjoys playing with water. So he must be half fish, don't you think so? It is soooooo confusing, you know.

Ayla is more cute. She only thinks about food and sleep. Sleeping on my lap is her favorite sport. Elmo is crying sweet tears since he lost his little sister some weeks ago. He does not know how to behave and wants to be with us all the time. Also at night in bed. But unfortunately for us, he snores like hell... That's why I am so tired and that's why I slept for more then 2 weeks now.

Goodnight, bed time !

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en? goed geslapen?

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